Halloween is almost here! If you're planning a spooky soiree with your social bubble, here are few Halloween cocktails to shake up.

Blood Orange Sangria

Nothing beats sipping a refreshing glass of sangria on a warm summer evening. On Halloween, it's time to get a little darker. This Blood Orange Sangria is certain to put a smile on the faces (and a stain on the fangs) of any wannabe vampires. The deep red colour from the blood oranges is enhanced with pomegranate, raspberries and strawberries. The Cabernet Sauvignon wine, brandy and orange liqueur pack a surprising punch in this refreshingly sinister sipper.

Spooky Stencil Cocktails

If crafting a craft-inspired cocktail is on your spooky to-do list, these Spooky Stencil Cocktails are sure to make an impression. They are shockingly simple to make and loaded with WOW factor. The cocktail itself is made with white rum, creme de violette, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and fresh egg white. The image is created using a Halloween image stencil, an olive oil sprayer and a bit of bitters. It's black magic in a glass!

Apple Cider Floats

Here's one for the teetotallers, minors and designated drivers. These Apple Cider Floats are packed with the flavour of apple, cinnamon and vanilla. It's like drinking a glass of awesome autumness!

Melted Witch Martini

Oh, what a world! Raise a glass to all that is good and gory with a Melted Witch Martini. This bright green concoction looks like it's made of pure melted witch -- but tastes a whole lot better than that. The colour comes from Blue Curacao with some help from orange and pineapple juice. Vodka provides a welcome kick. The martini glass is rimmed with colourful sprinkles and garnished with a licorice broomstick.

We hope these creepy cocktails help make for a boo-tiful spooky evening.

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