As the days grow shorter and colder, it can be tempting to hide away and hibernate at home. There's no problem with wiling away winter days in cozy comfort, especially in the company of your best friend. When nature calls, or cabin fever sets in, you're going to have to head out and brave the elements. In addition to the chilly temperatures, all the snow, ice and salt on roads and sidewalks can hurt your furry friend's sensitive paws. Here's how to protect puppy paws from ice and salt.


You're not the only one who may need some winter foot protection. Dog booties are an effective way to keep your pup's paws covered, warm and salt-free. Your dog may feel a little unsteady in them at first, but once they get used to warm feet with no irritation, they may begin begging you to put them on. Make sure you get the proper size for your pup. Measure their paw from the heel to the tip of their toenails.

Paw protection

If your dog is not into making fashion statements, and simply refuses to wear boots, you'll need another way to protect their tender footpads. Before you head outside, rub some paw balm on the underside of their paws, this will help prevent dry, flaky footpads and irritation caused by salt. You may want to bring the balm with you on your walks in case you have to reapply. If you are the do-it-yourself type, you can make your own DIY paw balm with only a few natural ingredients.

Remember to bring a towel

You'll want a small towel with you on your walks, or by the front door, to wipe down their wet and salty paws as soon as you return home. If you really want to go the extra mile for your pal, wipe down their paws with a warm, wet towel or paw wipes before you dry them off with an absorbent microfibre towel.

Save some walking for tomorrow

Your dog needs to go outside, even on cold days, but it's best to keep your strolls short and sweet on super-cold days. If it's too cold for you to be outside, it's most likely too cold for your dog, too. If the two of you are big fans of winter walks, you may want to consider getting them a doggy coat to keep them warm and comfy.

We hope that these tips for how to protect puppy paws from salt and ice help to make this winter a little more comfortable for you and your fur baby.

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