It's beginning to look a lot like the dead of winter in Calgary, and we're ok with that! With wintery weather comes cozy nights, twinkling lights, warming drinks and hearty food. The holidays are just around the corner and it's time to get festive and enjoy the season. If you've got someone special in your life, here are the best places to go for a date in Calgary over the holidays.

Pay a visit to a "haute" patisserie

If your honey has a sweet tooth or loves croissants, Yann Haute Patisserie is a must-visit date destination. From expertly executed macarons to cakes too pretty to eat, this excellent patisserie will knock you and your date's socks off. If you'd rather not leave the house, they also deliver.

Skating and chocolate

A classic winter date is figure skating in the evening followed by some hot chocolate. But why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Head to Olympic Plaza for some of the best skating downtown Calgary has to offer. When you've had enough, swap skates for boots and walk for just two minutes over to Chocoland Cafe. This chocolate-lover's paradise is open late and serves some intensely delicious sweet creations like waffles and brownies covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce, stuffed crepes and more.

Get cozy in a speakeasy

The holidays are all about a feeling of coziness, magic and wonder. What could be more magical than a hidden speakeasy? Venture inside Sho Sushi and make your way to the retro vending machine. It's really a magic door to a hidden Izakaya called Ajito! Ajito means the secret base of operations, a hidden safe place in Japanese. Duck inside out of the cold to get cozy and tuck into some delicious Japanese pub-style comfort food. With hearty dishes like Takoyaki Style Poutine (fries, Japanese BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, Cheddar cheese curds, octopus, green seaweed, bonito flakes and green onion) and Stone Bowl Carbonara Udon, you can't go wrong!

Get your glow on

Glow Christmas is a must this year for a festive date or a super cute family-friendly excursion. It's an indoor winter wonderland where you'll get to celebrate Christmas in China, India, The Netherlands, Mexico, France, and England, all under one roof. Be sure to wander around, bathed in the glow of a million twinkle lights in their festive and immersive light gardens. Talk about instagram-worthy! It's open all month long (Wednesday to Sunday, afternoon to night) so you'll have plenty of opportunity to check it out, but be sure to snag your tickets while you still can. You can even do some holiday shopping while you nibble on festive food at the Merry Maker's Market!

Happy holidays! We hope you give these fun date ideas a try this holiday season in Calgary.

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