If you're hoping to cultivate an urban jungle style apartment, we're here to help you bring that dream to fruition. Here are our favourite low-maintenance plants that we feel everyone needs in their life. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a wonderfully low maintenance houseplant. It requires infrequent watering. It loves to get some sunlight though so put it in a bright room. It's perfect for those without green thumbs. It is great to have around for its healing properties. Crack open a blade of it to extract some of its inner gel to heal cuts and scrapes fast. You can even eat the gel!

Money Plant

We love this easy breezy house plant. It looks fancy but is secretly pretty basic. Its trunk roots intertwine in a beautiful way and it can grow quite big if grown outside and put out lots of droopy but pretty leaves. It's also good luck! Place it in bright, indirect light. 


We love this herb as a houseplant. It grows fast, is pretty hard to kill and smells wonderful. If you enjoy Mediterranean recipes, it's a real staple ingredient as well. You can even steep the leaves to make a digestion-enhancing tea! Keep it somewhere bright and water it regularly. 

Snake Plants

These tall and spiky plants look like they've from California or Mexico but can actually thrive indoors in cold climates like we have here in Canada. They're incredibly low maintenance, requiring minimal light and water. They can even withstand bugs! They can be planted in large and smallish pots, too. Best of all, they'll help purify the air in your home.

We hope these low-maintenance plants make their way into your urban jungle apartment!

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